Man looking in the mirror caring for his hair after a hair restoration procedure.

Caring for Your Hair After a Hair Restoration Treatment

Caring for your hair after a hair restoration treatment is an important step to ensure you maintain the results.

Undergoing a hair restoration treatment with the ARTAS iX system can give you back the hair and confidence you deserve. It is the least invasive option in hair transplant procedures and provides the most natural results. While recovery and downtime are minimal when you choose Robotic Hair Rx and ARTAS iX for your hair restoration, you do need to know how to correctly care for your new hair after your procedure.

How to Shampoo Your New Hair

Patients who undergo the ARTAS iX hair transplant procedure will have a faster recovery than other types of hair transplant surgery. The transplant and donor areas on the scalp should be healed in 3-10 days, and you can shampoo your hair the next day after your procedure. While you can, and should, wash your hair, you do want to follow the specific instructions we will give you after your procedure. The areas can be carefully washed and patted dry, but you want to use the suggested gentle shampoo and the methods of applying and rinsing to avoid stress on the healing scalp.

Styling Your New Hair

You can care for your hair as normal after your procedure, but you will want to avoid certain activities. Blow-drying your hair should be avoided for two weeks after your procedure as any warm air can aggravate the healing scalp. When combing or brushing your hair, you need to be gentle and not pull or tug on the follicles while they are still in the healing phase. Our team at Robotic Hair Rx will give you detailed instructions on what to avoid during the first few weeks after your procedure.

What Not To Do After Your Hair Restoration

Our patients are able to return to most normal activities within a few days after their ARTAS iX hair transplant procedure. This system offers a less invasive option without incisions, stitches, and visible scarring like many other hair restoration surgeries. The hair follicles are of the highest quality and consistency, which helps improve the success and healing rate. However, this is still a surgical procedure and you do want to give your hair grafts the best chance for successful growth. Some activities to avoid after your procedure include:

Exposing your scalp to sunlight for three months. You should cover your head with a loose-fitting hat or other covering when outside for at least three months.

Sweating and excessive exertion. Sweating profusely right after your procedure should be avoided. Excessive exertion, like working out, should be paused for about two weeks, and avoid activities like saunas that cause heavy perspiration for about a month.

Scratching the scalp. It is common for the scalp to be sore and itchy after your procedure but avoid touching (except when gently washing your hair) or scratching your scalp. This can disrupt healing and increases the chance of infection.

Caring for Your Hair After Treatment With the Best

When you follow the post-procedure instructions carefully, you can help hasten the healing process. You want the hair grafts to heal as quickly as possible so the hair shafts will fall out and then grow back into a lustrous head of hair in about six months.

At Robotic Hair Rx in Tempe, AZ, we offer the most advanced method of hair restoration – ARTAS iX – combined with highly skilled surgeons and hair restoration treatment experts. When you are ready to explore cutting-edge hair restoration technology with the fastest healing and recovery process with excellent, natural-appearing results, contact our team to schedule your hair transplant consultation.

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