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Top 5 Non-Surgical Hair Replacement Options

Realizing you are losing your hair can often be a difficult reality to come to terms with. As you start to look into your options to manage your hair loss, you’ll realize there are surgical and non-surgical hair replacement options available. While surgical options have a wide array of benefits, including permanent results, some may not be ready for or intimidated by the idea of surgery. In the event that you might not be ready for surgery, we’ve got five non-surgical hair replacement treatments that could work for you.

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Covid Hair Loss: Why Does it Happen?

COVID is a name that we’ve heard daily and are continually learning new things about. People may experience the virus in different ways or varying degrees, including the side effects of infection. One side effect that has been growingly documented is COVID hair loss. Though the number of reported hair loss cases being reported is growing, it may not be directly caused by COVID. Instead, doctors believe that the loss of hair is linked to another condition known as telogen effluvium.

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Propecia: A Prescription for Male Pattern Baldness

Despite how many “solutions” are marketed to treat hair loss in men, only two drugs are approved by the Food and Drug Administration. One of these drugs is Propecia, or its generic name Finasteride. Although the pill works, there are some drawbacks and side effects to using it to treat hair loss.

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Hair Transplant Methods: FUT v. FUE

Hair transplant methods have had a long history around the world. As technology has evolved, so have the methods that are used for the procedure. Today, there are two primary methods that are used to help fight male pattern baldness.

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Everything You Need to Know About Hair Restoration Surgery

Male pattern baldness impacts approximately 50 million men in the United States. It is a common problem for many men, and there are many solutions for it. Hair restoration surgery has become one of the most popular as technology and methods have improved results.

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Top 10 Reasons For Hair Loss

Hair loss is a prominent and common problem for many people of all ages. It can occur for a variety of reasons, leaving you feeling insecure and lacking confidence. There are a variety of reasons that your hair may begin to fall out or become thin.

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