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Celebrity Hair Transplants – Who’s Done It?

When thinking about a hair transplant, sometimes there can be a bit of skepticism. We thought it might be fun to talk about a few famous celebrities who have gotten a hair transplant. You may be surprised at how many celebrities have chosen to get a hair transplant. As technology continues to improve and make this procedure more approachable, many celebrities have even been extremely open about receiving a hair transplant to maintain their signature Hollywood looks.

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Hair Transplant Methods: FUT v. FUE

Hair transplant methods have had a long history around the world. As technology has evolved, so have the methods that are used for the procedure. Today, there are two primary methods that are used to help fight male pattern baldness.

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How Artificial Intelligence is Changing Hair Transplant Procedures

Over the years, we have seen many new advancements in the technology that we use every day. Mobile phones can now do just as much as computers, cars are able to drive themselves, and Artificial Intelligence (AI) has become increasingly common across several industries. The various fields of the healthcare industry have been no exception. While most are commonly used to group and classify clinical documentation to deliver better results for patients, as Artificial Intelligence has grown more and more reliable it has been used in more practical areas as well, like assisting doctors with hair transplant procedures.

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Everything You Need to Know About Hair Restoration Surgery

Approximately 50 million men in the United States are impacted by male pattern baldness. It is a common problem and there are many solutions for it. Hair restoration surgery has become one of the most popular solutions as technology and methods have improved results.

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The Top Ten Reasons for Hair Loss

Hair loss is a prominent and common problem for many people of all ages. Hair loss can occur for a variety of reasons, leaving you feeling insecure and lacking confidence. There are a variety of reasons that your hair may begin to fall out or become thin.

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Top 3 Reasons Men Schedule Hair Restoration Consultations

There are various reasons why a man might schedule a hair restoration consultation. No matter the reason, a hair transplant can make all the difference.

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Are You a Hair Transplant Candidate?

The decision to have a hair transplant is an exciting choice to make. Thanks to various treatments, like the ARTAS iX hair transplant, you won’t have to deal with hair loss anymore. If you’re ready to get the hair you desire, the next step will be determining whether you qualify as a hair transplant candidate.

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Minoxidil: A Topical Hair Loss Treatment

Hair loss is a condition that affects approximately 35 million men in the United States. Due to the prevalence of this condition, it has led to the development of various solutions to try and give people the hair that they desire. One of these solutions, and one of the two prescription options that are approved by the FDA, is Minoxidil.

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Can You Go Bald After a Hair Transplant?

Undergoing a hair transplant has been shown to be the most effective way of treating male pattern baldness. Thanks to the ARTAS iX, we are seeing natural-looking results in patients who undergo the procedure. One of the most common questions that men have when it comes to the procedure is, “can I go bald after a hair transplant?”

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8 Foods You Should Eat to Avoid Hair Loss

Nutrition plays an important role in our overall health, and also the health of our hair. Nutritional deficiencies can cause hair loss, but with an improved diet and knowledge of the right foods, you can keep your hair strong, full, and in good condition. Here are a few foods you should be incorporating into your regular diet.

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