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Younger looking man

How Hair Restoration Can Help You Look and Feel Younger

Hair is as essential to your aesthetic as any other facial or bodily feature. Discover how to look and feel younger.
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A man consider hair restoration

What Is the Best Type of Hair Restoration Treatment?

Hair restoration treatments and surgery have been around for decades, but the technology and methods are constantly impr
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A man looking at his reasons for hair loss | Hair Implants

How Do Hair Implants Work?

Hair transplant procedures have improved in the last decade with new technology, but how do hair implants work?
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Celebrity Hair Transplant

Celebrity Hair Transplants – Who’s Done It?

Many famous men have undergone hair transplants to boost their personal appearance and feel their best.
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A man getting a hair transplant

Hair Transplant Methods: FUT v. FUE

When it comes to hair transplant methods there are two types, FUT and FUE. Learn about them here.
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How Artificial Intelligence is Changing Hair Transplant Procedures

Artificial Intelligence is changing the way that we do many things in our everyday lives, including medical procedures l
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Artas robotic hair restoration surgery tool

Everything You Need to Know About Hair Restoration Surgery

Hair restoration surgery is one of the most popular solutions for male pattern baldness, but what does it entail?
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A man looking at his reasons for hair loss | Hair Implants

The Top Ten Reasons for Hair Loss

There are many reasons for hair loss in men. We're breaking down the top ten and how they can affect your hair growth.
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a man getting a hair restoration treatment

What is the Best Hair Restoration Treatment?

There are many hair restoration treatments on the market today. With so many options, how do you choose the best hair re
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A man getting a hair restoration consultation from a hair loss doctor about an FUE hair transplant.

Top 3 Reasons Men Schedule Hair Restoration Consultations

There are various reasons why someone may schedule a hair restoration consultation.
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