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Comparing Hair Restoration Treatments

Minoxidil, Propecia, or the ARTAS iX, Which is Best?

Few effective treatments exist for people experiencing hair loss problems. Only minoxidil (Rogaine®), a daily-applied topical ointment, and Propecia® (finasteride), taken orally, have been approved by the Food and Drug Administration as alternatives to surgery.

What Minoxidil and Propecia Can Do to Help Combat Hair Loss

Propecia and minoxidil can reduce or stop hair loss. However, while these medical treatments may make it look like new hair is growing in, it is an illusion; they are only making the existing hair denser, stronger, and more visibly thick.

Propecia can achieve this by reducing DHT (the hormone dihydrotestosterone) levels, which shrinks hair follicles and leads to baldness. Minoxidil does not affect DHT levels, but it can thicken hair and slow hair loss by making the hair growth cycle last longer, though not as well as Propecia.

Medicinal Treatments Cannot Restore Lost Hair; ARTAS iX Hair Restoration Can

Medicinal treatments for thinning hair are not intended to replace surgical hair restoration. Hair loss medications could be helpful for those just starting to lose their hair. However, medicine cannot restore lost hair in people who are already balding. Nevertheless, it can be helpful as a supplement to ARTAS iX hair restoration, strengthening the existing hair alongside transplanted hair.

Hair transplant surgery is the only proven method of regrowing healthy hair in balding areas. At Robotic Hair Rx, we use the most advanced robotic hair restoration system available, the ARTAS iX, and we are the only clinic to use it in Arizona. Our professional surgeon guides the ARTAS iX system, providing patients with more consistent grafts, precise hair follicle transplantation, and faster healing for minimal downtime.

Why do Some People First Try Minoxidil or Propecia Over Hair Restoration?

People typically veer toward the more conservative choice, Propecia, because it produces better results than minoxidil and is less intrusive than surgical procedures. In addition, many of them desire a remedy for hair loss that bypasses surgery.

The process of hair transplantation is neither as simple as swallowing a pill nor as laborious as applying foam morning and night. However, it is a long-term solution with few side effects. The procedure entails relocating hair follicles to locations that have gone bald on the scalp. The process takes only one or two sessions.

Robotic hair transplantation is even faster, speeding up the process by 50%, and more comfortable due to shorter sitting times. In addition, the hair regrowth rate can increase to about 97% with less time passing between graft removal from the donor region and implantation in the recipient region.

Those That Turn to Hair Transplant Surgery First Attain More Satisfying Results

While most people with hair loss turn to medication first, some find that going straight to surgery generates the best results. The ARTAS iX Robotic Hair Transplant is an outstanding and permanent alternative to conventional hair loss treatments like minoxidil and Propecia. If thicker, existing hair is not enough, and you are ready for a solution that does not require a lifetime of medication, contact Robotic Hair Rx to arrange a consultation.

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