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Meet TheTeam

Our Philosophy

At Robotic Hair RX, we combine artistry and technology to create natural hair restoration.

Our experienced team appreciates the role that minimally invasive treatments play in today’s world

We believe in using the most innovative technology available in order to achieve the most aesthetically appealing results for our patients with as few side effects as possible. This is why we chose ARTAS iXi for hair restoration. Meet the team whose entire approach relies on providing a level of expertise and patient care rivaled by none. 

Dr. Tuttle

Meet the Team: Dr. Tuttle

Dr. Michael Tuttle is a Board-Certified anesthesiologist who completed his anesthesiology residency at Pennsylvania State University, after finishing medical school at Des Moines University. As an ARTAS-trained physician and experienced anesthesiologist, Dr. Tuttle provides and operates the latest and most technologically advanced ARTAS hair restoration robot available.

Because of his passion for bringing the most effective technologies to his patients, Dr. Tuttle has dedicated his hair restoration practice to the ARTAS System and really developed our team. This follicular unit extraction (FUE) system incorporates the most recent advances into hair restoration, providing a virtually painless experience with results superior to any other method and leaving no linear scar.

Dr. Tuttle is also Medical Director for Surgenex, a biotech company dedicated to providing the most innovative products in regenerative medicine. Treatments of amniotic membrane products often referred to as stem cell therapy, have shown to maintain a person’s existing hair by improving its overall health and strength. These treatments can be used with transplant procedures or alone as an alternative when FUE is not the best option.

Dedicated to client satisfaction, Dr. Tuttle meets with each patient to discuss their goals and concerns. Together, he and his patients develop a personalized plan of therapy, conforming to each individual’s goals and preferences. Dr. Tuttle is committed to using the latest in transplant technology and regenerative medicine to achieve the most natural result possible.

Dr. Dewanjee

Meet the Team: Dr. Duwanjee

I, Dr. Dewanjee, am the founder and CEO of Robotic Hair Rx and am a practicing, board-certified surgeon in Arizona.  I first began experiencing progressive hair loss in my 30’s despite taking Propecia.  After researching local options for surgical hair replacement, I found the options in Arizona limited.  I subsequently underwent the FUE procedure with approximately 3,500 grafts in Southern California.  Upon returning to Arizona, I decided to create an Arizona based hair restoration clinic in Tempe utilizing the latest ARTAS iXi robot in conjunction with manual techniques to precisely and naturally restore an age-appropriate male hairline without compromising the existing hair and maximizing FU viability.

Dr. Dewanjee was born in Boston, MA to his father a nuclear physicist and Dolly his mother an entomologist.  Dr. Dewanjee moved to Rochester, MN at age 5 after his father accepted a consulting position at the Mayo Clinic.  He finished high school in Miami where he was a National Merit Finalist.  He is currently a member of MENSA and enjoys alpine and cross-country skiing, windsurfing, as well as art and design.

Dr. Dewanjee majored in Anatomy and Physiology at Cornell University and completed medical school at the University of Miami in Florida where he first became interested in cosmetic and orthopedic surgery. Because of his love of both technology and medicine, he chose orthopedic surgery, specifically sports medicine, focusing on minimally invasive procedures using arthroscopy to minimize blood loss and recovery.  After graduating from the Phoenix orthopedic residency program at Maricopa Medical Center, St. Joseph’s Hospital, and the VA Medical Center he completed a sports fellowship in Southern California with the San Diego Chargers and OASIS.  He has received numerous patient choice awards as well as a Top Surgeon Award for 2020.

Haley Borrell

Meet the Team: Haley Borrell

Ms. Haley Borrell is a clinical technologist at Robotic Hair Rx in Tempe, Arizona. She grew up skiing/snowboarding in Vail, Colorado as well as hiking the beautiful trails of Scottsdale, Arizona. Haley enjoys dip-pen calligraphy and being outdoors with her two dogs.

Ms. Borrell graduated magna cum laude from University of Arizona in Mass Communications with a Psychology minor. She then began working in health care as a sales associate and provider of medical equipment. Haley initiated her hair transplantation training for the ARTAS system at Maxim Medical with Dr. Chumak in Miami, Florida and alongside industry leaders. She continues her pursuit of knowledge through rigorous training on the ARTAS iXi and collaborating with trichology specialists.

Haley is passionate about helping people feel confident in their own skin. She is dedicated to staying on the forefront of hair restoration technology in order to provide patients with a natural, refreshed appearance.

Ashley Wetjen

Ashley Wetjen

Mrs. Ashley Wetjen majored in Public Relations and Mass Communication at New Mexico State University where she graduated magna cum laude. She moved to Arizona after college with her husband and children and began working in the medical field. Her work involved developing many essential programs for a medical distributor in Scottsdale, AZ who provides life-saving medical devices to hospitals throughout the valley.

Ashley is a clinical technologist and market manager at Robotic Hair Rx Inc. Ashley has been trained by the top ARTAS professionals on intelligent hair technology. Her role as part of the Robotic Hair RX team includes direct patient care as well as market research including development of patient outreach programs.

Hailee Neeper

Hailee Neeper

Ms. Hailee Neeper is the Practice Manager at Robotic Hair Rx. Growing up here in the Valley, Hailee found herself enjoying the company of animals, while competing in horseback riding and one day dreaming of owning her own cage-free rescue farm. In her free time, she likes to volunteer with an adult dance company, Camalo, and spend time with her own rescue pets, Mack, Elli and Simba.

Hailee graduated from Dobson High School in 2019, making her a first-gen high school graduate. Immediately after, she began working for a multi-specialty medical group including pain management, neurology, cardio and more, where she stayed for the next 2 years before moving solely into orthopedics and hair restoration.

Hailee loves making people feel more comfortable and confident in themselves. Her goal for every patient is to ensure that confidence and leave them optimistic in their future with new hair

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