Celebrity Hair Transplant

Celebrity Hair Transplants Who’s Done It?

Celebrity Hair Transplants Aren't So Secret Anymore

When thinking about a hair transplant, sometimes there can be a bit of skepticism. We thought it might be fun to talk about a few famous celebrities who have gotten a hair transplant. You may be surprised at how many celebrities have chosen to get a hair transplant. As technology continues to improve and make this procedure more approachable, many celebrities have even been extremely open about receiving a hair transplant to maintain their signature Hollywood looks.

Which Celebrities Have Had Hair Transplants?

An icon in the music industry – Elton John has spoken honestly about his experiences with hair transplants. He began losing his hair in the early 70s and became self-conscious about how his thinning hair made him feel. Fast forward to today, Elton has a full head of hair despite being 75 years of age and just went through two hair restoration treatments.

John Travolta has undergone various hair loss treatments and received a hair transplant as a permanent solution for his balding at the top of his head. Travolta’s hair began thinning over the years and it was rumored that he even wore wigs on many occasions so people wouldn’t notice his balding or receding hairline. He then settled on a hair transplant to achieve much more volume and at 68 years old today, he has a full head of beautiful hair.

Renowned master chef, restauranteur, and TV personality Gordon Ramsay has undergone a hair transplant procedure. The transplant helped create more density and a more youthful appearance. Ramsay has done a few transplants, one of them was performed with FUE – the follicular unit extraction technique used to achieve a more natural look across the scalp.

Tom Hanks is famously recognized in many major motion pictures. Over time, Hanks experienced thinning and hair loss which led him to get a hair transplant as a permanent solution. With the transplant, he gained more natural voluminous hair and additional hair along his front hairline.

Academy-award winner Nicholas Cage has had a hair transplant. The transplant allowed Cage to achieve a more youthful appearance and less of a receding hairline.

A legend in the tech and electric automobile industry, Elon Musk has undergone hair transplant surgery to restore growth and volume to the top and frontal portions of his head.

Mel Gibson is another well-known celebrity to undergo a hair transplant procedure. Gibson had a large amount of hair loss on the front of his head in the early 2000s and received treatment in 2017 to achieve a more natural-looking hairline.

Comedian Jimmy Carr has openly discussed his hair transplant procedure. Carr decided to receive a transplant to help with his receding hairline.

The prominence of Hair Restoration

Overall, as time goes on, celebrity hair transplantation and transparency about the procedure continue to increase. Since more of Hollywood’s elite have opened up about the procedure, the stigma around hair transplants has slowly started to decrease as men feel more comfortable investing in their own appearance and feeling happy.

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