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Does Hair Restoration Last?

One of the most popular methods of combating hair loss in men.

Hair restoration often referred to as hair transplants, can last a lifetime when conducted by a trained specialist. This highly effective method of combating hair loss has become one of the most popular because of how long-lasting and even permanent the results are. With continued research and advances in technology such as the ARTAS iX, hair restoration has never been more effective.

Why Does Hair Restoration Stop Hair Loss?

While there are many reasons someone may experience hair loss, it really comes down to the hair follicles and the hormone dihydrotestosterone (DHT). When DHT bonds with hair follicles, it causes them to shrink, leading to shorter and thinner hair. Eventually, those follicles will shrink to the point of stopping hair growth altogether, leading to male pattern baldness.

The secret to hair restoration stopping hair loss is in the follicles that are DHT-resistant. These are the follicles that are chosen as donors to be transplanted to the scalp areas where there is hair loss. Since hair loss happens at the follicle rather than the skin, the newly implanted follicles typically resist DHT and can naturally grow healthy hair.

Is Hair Restoration Permanent?

The short answer is yes! Follicles transplanted to donor areas will retain their DHT resistance, meaning that they won’t shrink and stop hair growth. While transplanted follicles will be resistant to DHT, the natural follicles in the recipient area may still be affected as you age. Although natural follicles may stop producing new hairs at some point, the hair follicles transplanted as a result of hair restoration will still continue creating hairs for a lifetime.

Permanent, Natural-Looking Results

Hair restoration is one of the only methods that can be used in order to obtain permanent results. While other methods may deliver hair growth, those methods often have to be continued in order to maintain the desired results. With a hair transplant, getting and maintaining results is a simple as one minimally invasive procedure.

At Robotic Hair Rx, we offer the most advanced hair restoration procedure using the ARTAS iX. By incorporating this advanced technology with our expert surgeons, we are able to craft the hairline of your dreams with no linear scarring and minimal downtime. Start your hair journey today and contact Robotic Hair Rx to schedule your consultation.

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