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How Hair Restoration Can Help You Look and Feel Younger

Hair is as essential to your aesthetic as any other facial or bodily feature.

As you age, hair thins or recedes, changing the appearance of your profile. Noted celebrities have lost their appeal in Hollywood, simply due to the impact of balding on an otherwise youthful complexion.

The balance of the face relies on symmetry between features – including the hair. A receding hairline can change the position of the eyes, ears, and cheeks. Familiar faces become unrecognizable and attraction fades. Transplant procedures can reverse hair loss and help you regain confidence in your looks.

Hair Loss Realities

More than 1.2 billion men suffer from significant hair loss. To put that into context, the average person loses 100 hairs a day without any noticeable impact on facial balance. You see yourself in the mirror every day. When thinning, balding or a receding hairline becomes impossible to ignore, it is time to consider restoration treatments.

Lack of confidence typically goes hand-in-hand with hair loss. For both men and women, thick and healthy hair is a status symbol. Early balding or thinning can also impact how you are viewed by others. The ARTAS iX system will provide solutions that you won’t find with traditional hair restoration methods.

Precision AI Hair Restoration

Precision AI hair restoration provides several benefits over other approaches. By targeting healthy donor areas at the sides and back of the head, Robotic Hair Rx ensures the quality of harvested follicles. We create a natural-looking hairline without compromising the donor area.

Perfect precision allows ARTAS iX to evenly distribute harvested follicles, resulting in a natural hair pattern. We use advanced robotic technology and AI to complete the entire transplant process. Only the most viable follicles are used, eliminating many of the challenges associated with human error.

At our Arizona clinic, we assess each candidate on an individual basis. Our ARTAS iX technologies are adaptive to your needs. We invite patients from out of state to explore the possibilities in hair restoration with Robotic Hair Rx.

Restore Balance to Facial Features & Feel Younger

We are the only clinic in Arizona that uses the ARTAS iX system. You will benefit from precision hair restoration, using follicles taken from donor areas on your own head. This process involves harvesting only the most viable donor follicles, significantly increasing success levels.

Our ARTAS iX system is FDA approved and operated by industry specialists in Arizona. When your hair is restored, you will look and feel younger. ARTAS iX is far superior to traditional hair transplant innovations. Using advanced AI guarantees precision and vastly increases the viability of donor follicles.

If you would like to learn more about ARTAS iX, call the Arizona offices of Robotic Hair Rx today. We can facilitate a consultation over the phone or in person. This session will provide you with the opportunity to discover if you are a good candidate for treatment.

Once we have completed the preliminary assessment, you will be invited to begin treatment based on a schedule that is convenient to you. Don’t wait to start looking and feeling your best, schedule your consultation with our team today!

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